Monday, March 19, 2012

In this age of painful increasing gas prices, improving the fuel efficiency of our vehicles is on everyone’s mind. Trading in that gas guzzler is an obvious solution, Chevy offers five vehicles with 37mpg fuel rating or better. However, not everyone can afford to invest in a new vehicle. With this in mind, here are seven easy tips for improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle–and saving money at the pump:

1. Slow Down - Making your fuel last longer can be as simple as driving at a slower speed. Statistics show that driving at 55 mph rather than 75 mph can increase your fuel efficiency by 20 percent or more. So slow down and take it easy!
2. Keep Your Tires Inflated To The Correct Air Pressure - Your vehicle owners manual will give you information on what the correct tire pressure should be for your vehicle. Keeping your tires inflated to the maximum allowable pressure can improve the fuel efficiency by between 2 and 4 percent.
3. Change Your Oil on a Regular Schedule - Regularly maintainence including changing the oil can help your car run more efficiently and improve fuel mileage. Also, using the correct grade of oil will improve efficiency by 1 to 2 percent. Check your vehicles owners manual to find the oil type and grade recommended for your vehicle
4. Replace The Air Filter - The air filter is a vital part of your vehicle–it allows your engine to “breathe” healthily by filtering out dirt and foreign particles. Replacing the air filter can improve fuel economy by up to 10 percent, so change it as often as your vehicles owners manual suggests. By changing the air filter on a regular basis, you can save you up to 35 cents per gallon.
5. Remove Excess Weight - According to studies, for every 100 pounds of extra weight in your vehicle, your fuel mileage decreases by 2 percent. Clean out your trunk and back seat and boost your fuel efficiency.
6. Don’t Idle Your Engine - If you’re going to be waiting for an extended period of time, switch off your engine and save.
7. Use Cruise Control - If your car has cruise control, be sure to use it. Continuously speeding up and slowing down can decrease the overall fuel economy of your vehicle. Using cruise control keeps your car at a constant speed which increases your mpg.

Chevy offers five vehicles with 37mpg fuel rating or better, the five being the Malibu Eco, Sonic, Cruze compact, Cruze Eco and Volt.
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