Thursday, February 9, 2012

Over 300 New And Certified Pre Owned Camaro's Available At Jeff Gordon Chevy

Choose from over 300 available New, Certified Pre Owned and gently used Camaro's from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Jeff Gordon Chevrolet has your best selection of technician inspected and road ready Camaro's.

After years of anticipation, Chevy's new Camaro not only lives up to the hype but also redefines what a muscle car can be -- the V8-powered model will do apocalyptic burnouts in the high school parking lot, just like back in the day!!

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet currently has an allocation Convertible Camaro's that can be modified to your exact specifications. You pick the color you want, you choose the options you can't live without.

Your vehicle will come straight from the factory to the showroom of our 15 acre Award Winning Chevrolet Dealership in Wilmington North Carolina.

Call Jason Nicholas 910-798-2722 To Schedule a Test Drive or Check Available Camaro Inventory

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