Monday, January 24, 2011

1996 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition Coupe Available At Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

Chevrolet built a limited number of these special models to celebrate the fourth-generation Corvette's final year of production. Just Arrived and available for immediate delivery this Corvette is ready to go home with it's new owner.

Ever since the first Polo White inline-six-powered example was sold in 1953, it's been almost impossible not to notice a Corvette, particularly one in your rear-view mirror. But the Collector Edition's understated exterior modifications and exclusive Sebring Silver paint make this about as close to a stealth Corvette as its wedge profile, fat rubber, and hunkered-down stance will allow.

Without question, the first thing drivers and passengers notice about the Collector Edition is its absolutely sparkling engine performance-not just the peak horse power , but also its gobs of torque, improved smoothness right up to its 6300-rpm redline, and rock-steady idle.

Proper sports cars also need a tight, quick steering gear. This car has one. Its power rack-and-pinion system allows smooth cornering, but with relatively high effort, which is entirely appropriate. The turning circle is still a bit wide, due to the inner-fender clearance requirements of the fat front tires, but the car still can change directions so rapidly and precisely it's as if the steering were hard-wired to the driver's brain.

Once hunkered down in the Vette's high-sided bucket seats, you'll notice the black instrument panel. Day or night, it's pure fighter-plane gothic, sort of a cross between an F-18 and the fiery lair in Mary Shelley's classic novel. The bright orange-yellow digital speedometer flickers up with the slightest accelerator movement, but mash the gas in any of the lower gears and the thrust is so fierce the numbers jump in groups of four or five mph rather than making a smooth transition up the scale. Readouts for coolant temperature, voltage, oil temperature, and oil pressure can be displayed one at a time on the speedo face by pushing a dash button. Somewhat oddly, four analog gauges to the right of the speedo report the same info. To the left, there's a needle-style 8000-rpm tachometer.

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