Monday, February 22, 2010

The GM College Grad Discount Program
If you are a college senior, recent graduate or graduate student, you can receive the same discounted price GM suppliers receive on vehicles through the GM College Grad Discount Program. This great value is available exclusively from GM and Jeff Gordon Chevrolet.

Taking advantage of your college grad discount is easy. Just follow these simple steps
Visit Select "Obtain Authorization" from the left menu and begin the simple three-step process:
Step 1 — Enter your date of birth and ZIP Code that appears on your driver's license
Step 2 — Review your information and the rules and guidelines
Step 3 — Print your new authorization number

Present your authorization number and proof of program eligibility to your Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Sales Professional and pick out your new Chevrolet!!

You will be driving away in the Chevy vehicle of your choice in no time!

Take advantage of the GM College Grad Discount Program today by calling 910-791-2424

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