Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The environment and your commute:

Can't we all just get along?

Making a difference in our environment is as simple as driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. That's why Chevy currently offers seven models with an EPA estimated 30 MPG highway or better.(1) Aveo Sedan, Aveo5, Cobalt, Malibu Hybrid, and select models of Malibu, HHR, and HHR Panel all fall into the 30 MPG or better club.

But it's not just about cars. Chevy Silverado offers the best V8 fuel economy of any full-size pickup,(2) and the full-size Tahoe SUV delivers best-in-class fuel
economy.(3) New technology like Chevy's Active Fuel ManagementTM has played a role in achieving greater fuel economy. Active Fuel ManagemenTM deactivates half the engine cylinders when they are not needed and seamlessly reactivates them when you need the extra power.

And there's more! Every 2008 Chevy car, half-ton truck and SUV is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitor that automatically alerts you when your tire pressure is low. Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by up to 3%.(4) Seems small, but if everyone in the U.S. had properly inflated tires, we could save millions of gallons of gas each year.

1 Based on EPA estimates and segmentation.

2 2008 Silverado 2WD with available 5.3L engine has EPA est. MPG 15 city/20 hwy.

3 Based on 2007 GM Large Utility segment and 2008 EPA estimates. Tahoe 2WD with available 5.3L V8 has EPA est. MPG 14 city/20 hwy. Excludes other GM vehicles.

4 Source: fueleconomy.gov. All claims exclude other GM vehicles. ©2007 GM Corp. Buckle up, America!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

There are only 427 of these made in North America and we are lucky enough to have 2 of them! Stop by today to take a look at a piece of history.

New Chrome Z06 wheels

Hand signed and numbered inside armrest
6 speed manual

Special hood/fascia stripe

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pictures from the 2008 Coastal Carolina Airshow - April 19th & 20th, Wilmington NC

Chevrolet were a major sponsor this year providing over 100 vehicles, 70 of which were the brand new 08 Malibu. The airshow attracted thousands of spectators on both days for their chance to watch the main attraction - The Tunderbirds. Also in attendance was the Golden Knights, The Aeroshell North American Team, F-15 Strike Eagle Demo Team and much more!

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Mr. Hamm;

Thank You, and the Dealership, for your generosity in providing a Malibu for the Teacher of the month at our Local High Schools. It is a much appreciated tangible complement to the honor of being selected by our peers.

In addition to the use of the Malibu, the staff was beyond professional. In each of my interactions I was treated as an honored guest at your dealership. I primarily worked with Mark Thornton and Gary Hamilton, each of whom went beyond the call of duty. I would also like for you to know, those staff members with whom I interacted only peripherally were professional and courteous to the highest level. This includes those who greeted me upon arrival, to the switchboard, and those who assisted me in locating either Mark or Gary.

The Malibu exceeded my expectations. The fuel economy was very nice. In addition my wife, who has both an education and a working background in engineering, complimented multiple times to family and friends on the positive "fit and feel".

I was most impressed by the comfort on a long drive. The Friday prior to returning the Malibu we drove over 650 miles, returning home from vacation. While I am bigger than average, over 6ft and 320 lbs, I had no soreness or stiffness and less than expected travel weariness from the long trip.

This gracious award is much appreciated.

Thanks Again!



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Tuesday, April 8, 2008



Check out how Jeff Gordon Chevrolet can help you save some money. Call Jeff Gordon Chevrolet at 1-(877)-JGC-2424 to find out how you can receive GM's Military discount. Jeff Gordon Chevrolet will make it worth your while no matter if your coming from Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville or Fort Bragg, Fayetteville. We want to take care of our service men and women.

Pictures from the Spring Fling Car Show
Show held at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, Wilmington, NC
on April 6th, 2008