Monday, August 8, 2016

Buying Or Selling A Corvette
 Has Never Been Easier

NASCAR Champion Driver Jeff Gordon has over 120 Corvettes available in Jeff's Corvette Showroom.  Jeff Gordon Chevrolet also buys Corvette's and will pay you on the spot.

Selling a Corvette can be a hassle and there are some real horror stories from sellers trying to sell their own vehicles on ebay and Craigs List. Right now, used Corvette values have never been higher and Jeff Gordon Chevy will pay you top dollar for your Corvette

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet also offers Fly In - Drive Home Travel Assistance so you can buy from Jeff regardless of where you live.

Ready to get started buying or selling your Corvette?  Call Jeff INTERNET SALES HOTLINE 888-817-5744 to discuss available inventory, ownership options and travel arrangements.

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