Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Will Pay You Top Dollar For Your Honda Toyota or Nissan Vehicle
Trade-in values have never been higher and you may get a nice surprise with what Jeff Gordon Chevrolet will offer you for your Pre-Owned Ford, Jeep, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Mitsubishi or Nissan trade in. 

The Auto Trader Buying Center Program at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet offers car shoppers a no-haggle way to get a value on their vehicle, which they can turn into guaranteed cash or use toward down payment on a newer car.

Here’s how it works:
•   An auto seller accesses the Buying Center  at www.autotraderbuyingcenter.com  or at  the  Buying Center kiosk in the Auto Trader Buying Center Showroom located at 228 South College Road,Wilmington North Carolina.
•   The seller inputs information about the vehicle, including the make and model, the model year, major factory-installed options, other upgrades and maintenance information and details about the condition, including any major repairs or accident damage.
•   The tool will calculate a price based on historical transaction data for hundreds of thousands of vehicles and up-to-the-minute supply and demand information and produce a printable purchase offer.
•   The seller can take that purchase offer to Auto Trader Buying Center at 228 South College Road, Wilmington North Carolina  Monday through  Friday  9am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 7pm.
•   The Auto Trader  Buying Center representative will inspect the car to confirm that it matches the description provided by the seller and then write the seller a check for that amount.
• The seller can use the funds towards the purchase of their next vehicle or simply walk away with a check.

Getting a fair and accurate trade-in value is a critical first step for any car shopper.  The Auto Trader Buying Center Program provides consumers with the type of information needed before they visit a dealership.

The Auto Trader Buying Center does just that and we’re excited about our newest Exclusive AutoTraderBuyingCenter.com location  in Wilmington North Carolina.

Go to http://www.autotraderbuyingcenter.com  for more information

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