Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Have you visited Hendrickperformance.com?

This video rich site provides insights into Mr. Hendrick’s racing, classic car collecting, and building of high-performance cars.

The Hendrick Performance Facility

The Hendrick Performance facility is a 21,000 square-foot building outfitted with the best restoration equipment available and is staffed by a team of professional mechanics, fabricators, painters, and restoration specialists who have an average of 35 years experience each in their respective fields. Hendrick Performance utilizes all the resources of Hendrick Motorsports to build some of the world’s finest state-of-the-art custom vehicles using race-proven technology and a host of cutting-edge machinery.

The Hendrick Heritage Center

The Hendrick Heritage Center is a breath-taking 58,000 square-foot museum dedicated to the heritage of Rick Hendrick and his passion for classic and high-performance cars. Stepping inside the door will take you back in time to when American muscle cars ruled the street and gas was only 31 cents a gallon.

The Hendrick Heritage Center currently houses more than 100 of the finest and rarest automobiles you will ever see in one place.

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