Friday, December 5, 2008

Did you know Chevy offers more models than Toyota or Honda with an EPA estimated 30 MPG highway or better? Select models of Aveo Sedan, Aveo5, Cobalt, HHR and Malibu all fall into the 30 MPG highway or better club. Not only that, Chevy are proud to boast the 2008 North American Car of the Year, Chevy Malibu, offering the best highway fuel economy of any midsize sedan.(1) Cobalt XFE offers best-in-class standard highway fuel economy with an EPA estimated 37 MPG highway. That's better than Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. (2)


Not only do Chevy have more models than Toyota or Honda with an EPA estimated 30 MPG they now have a full size hybrid SUV in the Tahoe and a mid size hybrid car in the Malibu. Coming in early 2009 will see the launch of the much anticipated hybrid Silverado. Currently the Silverado XFE boast an EPA estimated 21 MPG highway, no other full-size pickup has better fuel economy. (3) Not Ford. Not Toyota.


Keep checking back for news on the Chevy Volt and the Chevy Cruze.


1 Based on 2008 GM Mid-Car Sedan segment and EPA est. 33 MPG hwy. (gas), 34 hwy. (hybrid). Excludes other GM vehicles. 

2 Based on 2008 GM Compact Car 3-dr Coupe and Sedan segments. EPA est. 37 MPG hwy. for Cobalt XFE; Honda Civic 34; and Toyota Corolla 35. Excludes other GM vehicles. 

3 Based on 2008 GM Large Pickup segment and Silverado XFE with an EPA estimated MPG 15 city, 21 highway, Ford F-150 SFE with 4.6L V8 EPA estimated MPG 15 city, 21 highway. Toyota Tundra 2WD with 5.7L V8 EPA estimated MPG 14 city, 18 highway. Available to order. 

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